The Challenge

Innovation processes within the organization are accompanied by changes to technologies and organizational structure. Most likely, your organization has a strategy that is backed by risk management procedures.
But what happens when things do not go according to plan? People in your organization are suddenly asked to change the way they’ve always worked, make decisions on the fly, and get stuff done. They must be able to anticipate the unknown to find solutions in times of uncertainty. If they cannot adapt to the new reality, they can wear out quickly.

Our Solution

We invite you on a fascinating and challenging journey that will take you way out of your comfort zone. This journey will allow team members and managers to accurately define how they work together under conditions of limited resources and uncertainty. During the journey, we will transition together between the personal and the organizational, explore new places, and make discoveries. To create a safe learning environment, the challenges are controlled and adjusted to the needs and abilities of the participants.

  • Week long journey-based programs | 2-day Outdoor Workshop | Adventure Training – 10 sessions

What's in it for you

  • A powerful and bonding experience.
  • Team readiness to cope with change and extreme situations.
  • Obtain personal resources to be able to cope with extreme circumstances and emotional over-flow.
  • A personal ability to visualize a reality that does not currently exist.

“The program enabled the officers to adapt themselves to the upcoming change”

Colenel – IDF intelligence corps

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