The Challenge

All of our programs offer solutions that will help you to get your people to support innovation within your organization. The teams work together, the managers lead, and everyone responds well to changes. So, now, there is only one thing left to ensure that you innovate what may be the next game-changer in your target market. While trying to innovate your product or service, you will face objections, some as a result of a fixated way of thinking, preventing people from thinking and acting differently.

Our Solution

Conferences and organizational innovation days. We’ll combine excursions, meet content experts and trend setters, and a variety of methods based on gamification. In some of our workshops, we include the Innovation Sudoku which is a set of visual aids based on design thinking.

The program is intended for multi-disciplinary teams who will learn how to use Innovation Sudoku to conduct a structured facilitated brainstorming session – ideation session – leading them to develop a new product or service. This method facilitates examining innovation as it relates to existing products, to the customer journey, market needs and business models. The tools are based on validated models in the market that are known to have led to breakthroughs in different industries.

  • 1-Day Workshop | 2-days Workshop

What's in it for you

  • Creative and innovative thinking patterns that will enable you to break down mental fixations
  • Use a set of principles enabling you to invent novel solutions for your audience or find new markets for your products or services.
  • Building an organizational culture that supports innovation.

“The workshop caused managers to step out of their comfort zone and think out-of-the-box”

Taldor – Reut

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