Since some of our programs are based on high-risk activity, we are committed to maintaining an uncompromising level of safety and ensure a safe environment for participants.

Emotional Safety

We believe that a team culture characterized by trust and the ability to contain different situations and experiences is a must coping with leaving the comfort zone. During the course of the program we create a team culture that embraces open dialogue. We believe that every person has the right to choose the level of challenge that are suitable for them – challenge by choice – and to define their personal boundaries. We are committed on creating an environment that welcomes raising concerns and other feelings equally. The level of challenges in our programs is adapted to the physical, emotional and cognitive needs of the participants, so that their experience will be empowering.

Standards & Regulations

We operate in accordance with the protocols and guidelines set by the governmental regulators.
We make a point of keeping abreast with any new regulations and standards and are committed to run our Adventure Training programs according to leading international standards.

  • AEE – Association for Experimental Education
  • ACEE – Association for Experimental Education – Israel
  • Leave no Trace
  • Wilderness Protocols
  • We use only authorized equipment in our Adventure Training and strictly follow the use instructions & guidelines of the manufacturer.
  • We hold an appropriate insurance policy that is aligned with regulated requirements.

Our Staff

All our staff, facilitators, and trainers are certified to perform their work and have been trained in well recognized institutions.
We carefully cherry-pick our team and make sure they are professional and experienced to ensure the highest level of safety.

Risk management

Prior and during any Adventure Training session we clearly define potential risks based on the following variables:

  • The human factor
  • The environmental factor
  • Equipment & other aids

We follow established protocols in order to prevent accidents and “near-miss,” according to predefined risks. Each and every activity is tailored to the needs of the participants.

Any activity will be adjusted to the needs of the participants, including special needs and/or medical needs.

The activity leader will conduct a safety briefing ahead of every activity.

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