The Challenge

Innovation in an organization sometimes mandates an organizational change or a merge and acquisition of other companies. In both cases, the organization is made up of different departments. A department within an organization is a micro organization in itself. It has its own organizational culture, common language and a unique way of getting things done. In global companies, cultural diversity, multiple languages and different time zones are added to the equation. Differences and diversity are fun, inspiring and generating creativity within the organization. However these may delay collaboration within the organization and inhibit growth.

Our Solution

First, we will produce an event aimed at getting people to meet each other face to face and experience together something special that will boost their sense of belonging and togetherness. Our events can include a wide variety of content, from a professional conference to a company trip to the other side of the globe… Following these events, they will jointly examine the need for inter-departmental collaboration and how it can contribute to the operational success of the organization. They will celebrate what is already perfectly work, define the gaps and the inter-departmental relationships.

  • Company Events | F2F seminars

What's in it for you

  • An organization DNA based on collaboration.
  • A common language across the organization.
  • A tight-knit organization that supports rapid change and innovation.
  • Shared use of platforms and resources (HR, budgets, knowledge, and business opportunities).

“Apart from the fun, we obtained insights as to what we can improve in our daily projects”.

Elbit Systems, Elop – Boaz Weizer – VP R&D & Eng

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