The Challenge

The different teams in your organisation are selection of superstars. They made up of  heroes  with different perspectives, habits, beliefs, and varying levels of proficiencies. The difference between people is a significant advantage, as it breeds creativity and innovation. Differences, however, may set back the teams and prevent desired outcomes from taking place.

Our Solution

Our program consists a series of face 2 face. In each session, we create a comfortable dynamic that will allow for open dialogue and mutual feedback. Based on a needs analysis that we will conduct with the team leader, we use different methods to enable team members to talk about what is already work for them, but also to discover the “Blind Spots” and the barriers of their teamwork. These will enable them to develop strategies that will motivate them to work together comfortably and effectively to achieve their common goal.

Towards the end of the program, we will go wild for a peak activity based on Outdoor Training. Going out, facing risks, making joint decisions and lots of fun will boost their sense of belonging, will sharpen the way they work together and will get them to become a winning team!

  • 10 sessions | 1-day Workshop | Custom-Tailored Workshop

What's in it for you

  • Effective communication between the team members that embraces a diversity of opinions and open feedback.
  • The realization of the unique qualities of each team members and the efficient management of the team’s resources in the completion of the joint task.
  • An open dialogue amongst the team members on expectations, sharing responsibilities, and interpersonal relations.
  • Establishment of team norms and methods for successful conflict resolution and decision-making.
  • A collaborative focus on the solution vs on the problem.

“The program truly brought out relevant insights from the participants that connected with their organisational experience”

Yoel Ganor – Co-founder, Chairman and President – Ulpanor International

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